Easy Ad Maker

Font Colors and Spacing

On rare occasion, you may find that your WordPress theme's CSS files override the settings of the Easy Ad Maker plugin, making the fonts, colors, and spacing appear differently than in the sample. 

Editing your theme's style.css file will resolve the issue. 

If you need help, please open a support ticket and include your WordPress website user name and password, and one of our technicians will help you resolve the issue.

Images and Links Disappear

Occasionally we find that images and/or links do not appear where they should. There are three possible causes: a conflict with another plugin, a conflict with the theme, or an out-of-date WordPress installation.

You can determine the cause by first ensuring all core files, themes and plugins are up to date. If your site is updated and the issue persists,  disable all plugins except Easy Ad Maker. Test the plugin again, and if it works properly, enable one plugin and test again. Repeat until you find the plugin that is causing the problem.

If Easy Ad Maker does not work properly after disabling all plugins, activate the default theme and test again


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