Book Cover Pro

I Can't Log In

We have tested the software in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari for both Mac (Mavericks) and PC (Windows 7). 

In the event that you are unable to login, please clear all cookies and cache and try again. That will resolve the problem in nearly all cases. You can find instructions for clearing your cache here: 



Internet Explorer


In addition, we find that Book Cover Pro sometimes does not like Chrome, so we recommend using either Firefox or Internet Explorer. 

Can I Use The Images For Kindle?

Book Cover Pro creates an image that is 412 x 547 pixels.

Amazon requires that cover images be a minimum of 1000px on the longest side, so you'll need to adjust the image size after download if you plan to list your ebook on Amazon. You can use any photo editing tool to resize your image.

You do not need to worry about resizing, however, if you intend to sell your ebook outside of Amazon, since the native resolution is more than adequate for blog posting, sales pages, sidebar images, etc.



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